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For the Love of Sugar

For the Love of Sugar As we grow we share. I'm sharing my life with the ones I love & the rest of the internet. Here you can follow the exploits and adventures of Katrina (Kat), Philip (Phil), Isabelle (Izzy) & Coop (Cooper)!


Ballet Watch Day

A glimpse into Izzy ballet!


Snow Day

Seriously?  We had a snow day today.  It was kind of nice to hang out with the kiddos today!  While Cooper was taking a nap, Izzy and I played in the snow!

Yes, they cancelled school for this little snow!  It's ok though.  Better safe than sorry.  The forecast called for ice and no warming...

Tomorrow will be back to normal...I hope!


Spring is Coming!

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside so Phil did some pruning and yardwork.  Izzy played in the apple tree.  I am really excited for the nicer weather to come so that we can all play outside!

Yes, her sweater is on backwards and she didn't button her jeans.  She's 4 and I wasn't about to stifle her creativity and I let her dress herself!


Princess Party

Sometimes it's hard to just hang out with just the girls so I scheduled a princess party. We had cucumber sandwiches and the moms had mimosas. It was a great party.

We made tiaras out of pipe cleaners and there were no boys allowed!  The girls all played and the mommies had a chance to catch up and relax.


Cooper, Eating

And he's on to solids!  Enjoy the messiness!





March 2011